The Association

LET'S PLAY ASSOCIATION is a charity created by sportsmen and sport management specialists. After the PLAY IN RIO project, which has now been running for more than 2 years ago, we are now working on new projects in Thailand, Chile and hopefully many more to come.

Montaigne said that travels shapes youth!  I think that travels help us in our lives to remind us where we come from and that the most important  is not what we have but what we do...

There are plenty of possibilities for you to take part in this project! supporting us, offering a ball, a t-shirt, following us in one of our project... and above all you can feel with us the happiness of sharing sport values, fraternity and respect...





President : Stéphane EHRHART

A graduate in sports management and football coaching, Stéphane works for SportFive, a Lagardère Unlimited company that focuses on managing sports marketing and Media rights

Vice Président : Neil BEECROFT

Neil is a winter sports expert who plays a number of other sports to a high level. He works for UEFA as Sustainability Manager      

Secretary : Malorie CORMIER

Malorie, expert in Sport Management is keen on all sports. Malorie as been an employee of UEFA for several years and she is still involved in UEFA club competitions as Venue Director.

Vice Secretary : Arnaud SZYMANSKI

Arnaud is a qualified football coach and Instructor. He works in events and as a radio "sports commentator" 

Treasurer : Roger STRUBI

Roger is a big football fan. He works as Financial controller for UEFA  EURO 2016 which will take place in France.    

Vice Treasurer : Thomas JUNOD

Thomas is in charge of developing management programmes at the UEFA. He's also vice-president of the Swiss Sport Managers' Association and a part-time lecturer at the University of Lausanne.

Porte Parole : Julien PATEAU

Julien has works on sports events for ten years. He's in charge of all UEFA's ceremonies and others artistic artistics projects.        



Bernard Lacombe (Olympique Lyonnais)

Jacques Crevoisier

Francisco Castro (Cubewise)

Antony Sanna (Egarette)

Farida Hamouche (Hummel)

Philippe Kalt (Colosal)

Joao Rito (Black Ink.)

Vincent Heitz (Clinique de la vision)

Jonathan Hebling (Total Sport Live)

Albert Gemmrich (Ligue Alsace Football)

Ilan Blinderman (Ligue Alsace Football)

Philippe Roeck

Beatriz Andrade (Santos FC)

Pierre-Emmanuel Jacquin

Rodrigo Godoy

Claudia Schunk

Manuel Goetz (France 3 Alsace)

Lionel Augier (Alsace 20)

Laurent Weisskopf (Virgin Radio)

Jean Kleis

Dylan Bey

Amanda Moreira

René Relle (Cottons Square)

Didier Kaciel

Philippe Offner




Cristiano Marques Gomes (Cris - Olypique Lyonnais)

Aimé Jacquet

Jean-Christophe Petit (CAA11)

Michael Heselschwerdt (UEFA)

Julien Baehni (UEFA)

Catherine Maher (UEFA)

Stéphane Anselmo (UEFA)

Benjamin Bruneau

Stuart Ramsey (English FA)

Jerome Auriac (Abaquar)

Valentin Favre (Urban Football)

Christophe Guillod (Urban Football)

Lucille Guillotin (France Bleu Alsace)

Thierry Kallo (France Bleu Alsace)

Jean-Christophe Pasqua (dernières nouvelles d'Alsace)

Jean-Philippe Pressl-Wenger (20 Minutes Suisse)

Felipe Aquilino (Esporte Interativo)

Marcelo Orchis (SportFive)

Natalia Morelli

Catherine Gie (EURO 2016 SAS)

Guillaume Betemps (SportFive)

Charly Weber (RFM Radio)

Sébastien Ruffet (Top Music)

Alvaro de Vicente Contreras